About: Tava Yoga Caulfield.

I have completed my Yoga Teacher’s training as a Hatha yoga instructor and am registered with the Australian Yoga
Teacher’s association. I have been practicing yoga for 15 years, and teaching for 6 years. I started to teach, as I
wanted to share my passion for yoga with others, so that they may also enjoy the many benefits of a beautiful yoga

Over the years I could feel the enormous benefits of my yoga practice. Not only on a physical level, but more
importantly, on an emotional and spiritual level.” I am amazed at how yoga can change the state of the mind, as well
as the body.”

I am inspired by my original yoga teacher, to teach with empathy, respect and acceptance of where each student is
in their learning process. My style of teaching is warm, open and nurturing. My classes are aimed at physical health
as much as the spiritual and mental balance in life. This can help you find that “quiet, inner space within your mind
and soul.”

I am always expanding my wealth of knowledge, whether it be through yoga courses or readings – but most
importantly, on a day to day level – through my students.
The benefits of yoga still amaze me, when I can see how well my students respond to a regular practice. It brings me
much joy and pride when I see how my students embrace yoga with such passion.
I firmly believe that a regular yoga practice can help reduce stress levels as well as help calm and clear the mind,
leading to a more balanced lifestyle (for all age levels).

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