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At Tava Yoga Caulfield, we’re dedicated to ensuring a balanced mind and body. We believe the pursuit of

health is ultimately achieved through a focus on mental equanimity as well as physicality -Lauren Stern-

Each class typically consists of…

Breathing Exercises


The class starts with approximately 10 minutes of “breathing exercises” which helps to bring the student into the present moment and prepare for the yoga poses. The breath is the most vital process of the body. The breathing exercises are aimed at introducing extra oxygen into the lungs. The breath can also ‘act as an anchor between the mind and the body – helping to bring you back into the present moment”



We then come up into various yoga poses – The class is always structured that we work the entire body, as yoga is balance of both bodyand mind. Asanas tone the whole body. They strengthen bones and muscles, correct posture, improve breathing and increase energy. This physical wellbeing has a
strengthening and calming impact on the mind



Each class finishes off with about 7 minutes of relaxation/ meditation which helps to incorporate the yoga practice. Savasana removes fatigue and soothes the mind. The body and mind settle into complete stillness, which helps you to incorporate your yoga practice and helps you to experience inner silence.

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live! – Jim Rohn